Gear Up Your Home For Summer With This 5 Point Checklist

With spring fever out of the way and school winding down, it’s time to stop putting off the Spring reset and finally get your home ready for summer! But getting all the Winter muck out of the way and getting into full summer mode can be a little overwhelming.

From giving your interior a spring spruce up, to clearing the gutters, to deciding what to do with your garden, it can be easy to just give up and do the bare minimum to get by. But a little structure in the form of this 5 point checklist can streamline your transition and maximize your summer enjoyment!

1. Getting Your Lawn In Order

For those of us who don’t have artificial turf, a lush, green lawn is integral to enjoying an outdoor space. The first step is to clear out all the garbage, debris and broken branches that accumulated over the fall and winter.

Once your space is clean, the next step is to aerate and seed your lawn to avoid soil compaction and to revive bald patches. 

Finally, you want to get your garden beds up to speed and give your soil a good turn when it’s damp, not wet. Then you want to turn in a few inches of compost and add some mulch on top to keep your soil fertile and weeds in check.

2. Power Wash And Touch Ups

Next you need to get your hardscaping in order. A nice powerwash will clear all the dirt and stains that have been taking a foothold since the previous summer. 

Once everything is clean you can start to repair anything that’s broken, like patio stones, gutters and any other outdoor features subject to wear and tear. 

Finally, complete the job with paint touch ups to your exterior walls and a restaining of your deck to keep it looking good and increasing its longevity.

3. Light Up Your Space

Outdoor lighting is essential if you like spending time outdoors. With so many smoldering days on the horizon, sometimes the most enjoyable time outdoors is after the sun goes down and you’re at an ideal temperature. Getting the right lighting in place will do more than just boost your after hours curb appeal!

4. Be Prepared For Storms

With unpredictable weather becoming more predictable, it’s important to be prepared for storms so that not all your hard work is done in vain.

Make sure to trim back any tree limbs that may be encroaching on your house. Amid powerful winds they can cause considerable damage. Another important tip to help prevent flooding, water damage and mold is cleaning your gutters so water can be properly redirected.

5. Air Conditioning Efficiency

This one doesn’t have much to do with your outdoor space, but it is important to keep your energy costs under control and mama earth happy. You can ensure this by giving your A/C a quick check up since it will be eating up most of your bill during the smoldering summer months.

Make sure there are no blockages around the unit by keeping your grass trimmed and the area clean. Replace the filter at least every two months (monthly is recommended), and use a fan to ensure good airflow, minimizing usage.